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The MICRODYN is an abbreviation of the words: "MICRO-classificateur DYNamique". It is composed of one or several variable speed classification rotors, clean air for rinsing and a waste discharge spout. It is particularly effective for the production of very fine powder from a pulverulent produced by an existing grinding process.

It is fitted as standard on the PAS Integrated Classifier mills.

Classifying Principle

The fine particles are transported by the pneumatic circuit towards a finished product collector (cyclone or filter for finer products). The over-sized particles are evacuated out of the circuit along a skirt or through a rotary valve.

Technical Data

  • Particle Size :Feeding from 0 to 500µm, Cut from 3 to 150µ. Vield up to 99%.
  • Throughput :From 50 kg/h to 30 T/h.
  • Application Range :Chemicals, minerals, foodstuff, plastics...

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