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3C FRANCE is positioned on the European market as a leader in design, manufacturing, commissioning and customer assistance for equipments essentially dedicated to the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries.

As a leader in sterilization technologies ACTINI designs and manufactures a range of effluent decontamination systems to meet the most stringent standards for containment.

Alliance Bio Expertise is offering a full range of centrifuges, and equipments for controlled environment and industrial microbiology.

Alpha M.O.S is a leading provider of sensing technologies that digitize the human senses. The company develops and markets multi-organoleptic systems and services for odor, taste or chemical profiling).

ALPHASEP has developped a wide range of special aseptic components (CIP SIP validated) for your process and for your vessels which includes:

  • Aseptic Flange / Bio-connect
  • InGold Fittings & Clamps
  • Sight Glass
  • Light Fittings
  • Camera systems for aseptic flange
  • Manhole
  • Special cleaning nozzles
  • Diaphragm & Butterfly Valves
  • Sanitary Sampling Valve
  • Filter Housing
  • ...

Driven by quality, service and innovation for more than 50 years, Aptar Stelmi is a trusted partner of leading pharmaceutical companies in the design and manufacturing of elastomeric closures for all parenteral applications. A member of the AptarGroup, we benefit from the global market presence, innovation and technical capabilities of an industry leader.

Whether for vial stoppers or pre-filled syringe components for existing or new drug applications and delivery systems, our committed teams of experts work closely with our customers to deliver fully compliant and premium quality products.

BERNHARDT has been specialized for over 30 years in the production of high barrier foil packagings and industrial machines. We develop and offer efficient solutions which meet all the requirements of our clients for the packing of their sensitive powders, granules, pasty or liquid products from 0,1 to 2000 litres.

Biowest is the European leader in the collection of animal sera, offering the widest range of sera and media for cell culture available on the market. Our products are in use throughout the academic, industrial and government research sectors in fields spanning cell biology, genomics, proteomics, virology, immunology, drug discovery and toxicology. 
Biowest controls the production of the sera throughout the entire process from the collections around the world to the final shipment of bottled serum from our warehouse, therefore guaranteeing a vertically integrated system of production and documentation. Using specialized equipment and detailed SOP and audits, Biowest ensures the quality at every stage, thereby securing a consistently high quality with low intra-lot variation.

C-Therm Technologies provides non-destructive thermal sensor technology solutions for R&D, production, and QC applications, delivering fast, accurate measurement of thermal conductivity and effusivity in seconds with virtually unlimited sample size.
From pharmaceuticals to petroleum - providing manufacturers with on-line solutions to better understand and improve product consistency.

CEPI has been specializing for 15 years now in the repair and renovation of sandwich panels in clean rooms. It is the only one to use two patented coating processes: painting and applying an adhesive film that resist biodecontamination with hydrogen peroxide H2O2.

CEPI operates in a controlled environment in the various sectors of pharmacy, cosmetics, pets, microelectronics and agri-food without modifying the structure, mainly in the repair of insulating sandwich panels, on new construction sites and in the renovation of insulating sandwich panels (steel sheets, aluminum and composite materials) on active sites.

CPC (Colder Products Company) is the leading provider of quick disconnect couplings, fittings and connectors for plastic tubing.

At CPC, we believe that fluid handling should be safe and easy, period. We engineer our connection solutions to improve the overall functionality and design of your equipment and processes. Special features of our products include precise hose barbs for superior grip, built-in shutoff valves for preventing spills, and easy-to-use, push-button thumb latches for quick connecting and disconnecting. 

Cryo Bio System is offering packaging and sample management solutions for preservation and storage of biological samples at variable low temperatures: Liquid nitrogen phase (-196°C), Liquid vapor phase nitrogen (~-132°C), Ultra-low temperature electrical freezers (-80°C).

Through these solutions, Cryo Bio System helps the preservation of your valuable biological samples and viable cells for future use, ensuring maximum sample viability by: QUALITY (preserves and maintains sample’s initial quality), SAFETY (stored product , patient &donor, user), TRACEABILITY (enhanced traceability with tamperproof barcoding), EFFICIENCY (of storage space)

Specialised in Airborne Disinfection, DEVEA is the specialist of diffusion technology by spinning disc, with ultra-fine droplet generation

DIMITRO is to the forefront of the material handling industry in France since it was found, supplying lifting equipment to the best known names in french Industry. 

Partners of industrials who place hygiene and security at the heart of their concerns, our teams are commited to respect good practices and standards in effect. 

Since more than 25 years EfCI designs, builds and sells modern machines and installations for the chemical industry. 

The main developments guidelines of the EfCI products are the following:


  • Synthesis reactors medium and high pressure,
  • Continuous and discontinuous liquid filters, vacuum or under pressure,
  • Vacuum dryers, continuous or discontinuous,
  • Extraction filters for the chemical, pharmaceutical and perfumery industries

In order to complete customer needs on these specific installations, EfCI designed some by-products such as sieves, heaters, boilers… etc…

EfCI manages all steps of its products – sales, design, manufacture, in-service, after-sales – completely in-house, in a company which the share capital is owned by its CEO.

The EfCI design office, engineers, technicians, sales agents are permanently careful to the client needs and will, in any case propose the best optimal solution possible in order to satisfy its market.

EMA Pharmaceuticals provides a large range of seals, each of which conform to the pharmaceutical industry container standards.
The different cap designs are available with a large choice of colors of aluminium and polypropylene parts.
The material used are of pharmaceutical grade, FDA and food contact approved. They are suitable for sterilization by steam, irradiation, ethylene oxide or hydrogen peroxide.

EREA Clean Air Equipment proposes safe solutions for ultra clean air protection mainly in the pharmaceutical / fine chemical and beverage inductries. EREA designs and manufacturers standardized or customized aeraulic equipment such as isolators for sterile products or toxic laminar airflow ceilings, restricted area barrier system, transfer trolleys, weighing / sampling booths, containement hoods, unwrapping machines, air showers, cleanrooms,…

Established in 2003, Ezi-Dock manufactures and supplies World Class Life Science Solutions for High Containment Product Transfer and FIBC Dust Free Handling, in addition to Single-Use Valves and Fittings for Bag in Box and Flexitank applications.

If your business involves the processing, handling and storage of semi-bulk powders & liquids, especially APIs and harmful substances, and you need to maintain strict environmental and quality controls, we have solutions that will streamline your processes, enhance the safety of your people, meet the quality requirements of your customers and lower your costs.

For over twenty years GECITECH has specialized in the manufacturing of flexible hose and stainless steel fittings for the Food, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnologic, Cosmetic and general Processing Industry.

We produce a complete range of flexible hose including Silicone, EPDM, Nitrile and PTFE.

Created in 2008, GLOBAL PROCESS CONCEPT company offers a global and customized solution of equipment and consumables in the field of biotechnology : fermenters, bioreactors, filtration and distribution systems, custom assemblies,...

A full range of equipments and consumables respond to all the stages of your process:

  • Preparation,
  • Fermentation or cell culture,
  • Filtration,
  • Cleaning
  • Storage,
  • Automated distribution.

All of our products are customized and configured to suit your needs

HORIBA Scientific is the new global team created to better meet customers’ present and future needs by integrating the scientific market expertise and resources of HORIBA. HORIBA Scientific offerings encompass elemental analysis, fluorescence, forensics, GDS, ICP, particle characterization, Raman, spectral ellipsometry, sulfur-in-oil, water quality, and XRF. Prominent absorbed brands include Jobin Yvon, Glen Spectra, IBH, SPEX, Instruments S.A, ISA, Dilor, Sofie, SLM, and Beta Scientific.

INDATECH provides Innovative Optical Solutions for Process Development and Process Control.

INDATECH - Chauvin Arnoux Group is an innovative company which is an expert in optical measurement for industrial processes. We provide optical solutions for non-invasive, real-time process monitoring, development and testing of complex solid and liquid products.

We provide high-speed monitoring directly in-line. Our focus is on innovative techniques and solutions with the highest impact for process development and production:

  •  SAM_SPEC® based on Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy (our patented technology)
  • Raman Spectroscopy
  • Hyperspectral imaging
  • Customized UV/VIS NIR technique


IPRASENSE is headquartered in Montpellier, France, the company is focused on the development and commercialization of innovative cell culture monitoring equipments.

For over four decades, Lancer - Getinge has been the leader in providing effective solutions for washing applications in the scientific community. We support you, our customers, by acting as a trusted partner and advisor, focusing on your cleaning application and requirements for washing laboratory glassware and equipment. We specialize in cleaning technology so that you can achieve maximum productivity in your lab.

Lancer - Getinge provides a comprehensive range of glassware washers with a wide variety of racks and accessories, as well as cleaning chemicals made specifically for use in high pressure washing systems. Lancer has the total cleaning solution for every washing need. We are there to guide you through each phase of the process from the initial consultation, to installation, to after sales support. You can count on Lancer every step of the way.

LAST Technology designs and manufactures washing, disinfection, sterilisation, depyrogenation and decontamination equipment that is tailored to the customer’s individual needs. 


LAST Technology is a leading process equipment designer and manufacturer for the medical, research and pharmaceutical industries. Our headquarters are located near Venice, in Northeast Italy. The manufacturing area was built with “pharmaceutical” grade finishes in order to present our clients with a clean and functional environment. It is heated during the winter and air-conditioned during the summer. We use eco-friendly renewable energies. All plant waste is pre-treated and recycled to be reused in the form of energy.


Malochet is a leading manufacturer of clean room, high containment and material decontamination products. 

Malochet provide high quality products and service to the pharmaceutical, medical research, high containment and hospital sectors around the world. The production is higher at 2000 products per year (doors and pass through hatches)

Malochet is 

  • Cleanroom doors
  • Airtightness doors
  • Inflatable seal doors
  • Pass-through chambers
  • Disinfection pass through hatch
  • Bio-decontamination Chambers
  • Air showers


Through METRAVIB, ACOEM provides laboratories and the industrial sector with instruments for the characterization of the mechanical properties of materials using dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) for Research and Quality Control.

MOM designs and manufactures automatic filling machines as well as complete packaging lines for liquids, pastes, powders and granules.

Thanks to its 85 years of experience, MOM develops the equipment best adapted to your activity and according to your product specifications and technical constraints.

MOM manufactures packaging system for liquids from 30 mL up to 40 L and for dry products from 10 mg up to 40 kg.

All these systems are available according to GMP, delivered with OQ/IQ documents,…


MSE is a leading supplier of scientific instruments to the life Sciences industry.

Currently, MSE is manufacturing centrifuges in Nuaille, France, with a team dedicated to selling & servicing products globally.


OXLATE, company founded in 2020 is specialized in innovative and patented consumables

OXLATE supply chemicals to remove rouging deviation for pharma & cosmetic industries

In partnership with TECHNOCHIM (owner ofpatented chemicals for rouging)- which provide on site services

PIGNAT is a French company involved in process engineering glass moulding since 1960.

PIGNAT's core competenties include:

  • Organization & PlanningPIGNAT engineers team carries out the feasibility study of your projects as soon as possible.
  • Custom Design & Engineering
  • Glass Blowing & Manufacturing
  • Test & Quality
  • Logistics & Deliveries
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • training & Assistance

PIGNAT's range of equipment includes:

  • Chemical Reactors (Glass or Stainless Steel)
  • Purification (Evaporation, Crystallisation, Precipitation, Distillation, Extraction Liquid / Liquid)

Based in Béthune, Northern France, POITTEMILL AND FORPLEX are engineering companies specializing in providing fine-grinding solutions, powder processing and preparation from laboratory to industrial scale.

As we design and install our own equipment, we have been able to provide installations for more than 80 years that are tailor-made to customer requirements.

Packaging solutions for liquid pharmaceuticals - for 100 years. ROTA Verpackungstechnik, as one of the world’s renowned machine manufacturers in the field of aseptic primary packaging of liquid pharmaceuticals, is a reliable and competent partner of the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. 

Located in South-Western Germany, ROTA Verpackungstechnik has been in business of filling liquid into parenteral containers for nearly a century. What began in 1925 with the world's first automatic filling and closing machine for ampoules has been steadily expanded into a comprehensive range of modular machines and systems to meet all special customer needs and requirements of the industry with a high quality standard and the latest technology. 

Our 100% German-made machines are readily described by customers as user-friendly, robust, flexible, reliable and durable. In the south-west of Germany, ROTA today develops, manufactures and markets individual precise machines as well as complete integrated process lines for :

  • Washing,
  • Sterilising & depyrogenising,
  • Filling,
  • Capping
  • Labelling ampoules, vials, cartridges and syringes/nested objects.

Rubber Fab is the leader in the development and production of high-quality gaskets, in a wide range of high purity elastomers. Such a quality represents the company's trademark, together with the goal of meeting the highest standards, including: FDA Certification, USP Class VI Certification, Cytotoxicity Criteria, Title 21CFR177.2600 and 177.1550, USDA and 3-A Sanitary Standards, ASME-BPE Standards, Animal Derived Ingredient Free, EC1935/2004.

Rubber Fab clamp gaskets are widely used in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food & beverage, chemical and cosmetic industries; such products are available in various types and materials including: 

  • Platinum Silicone,
  • EPDM,
  • PTFE,
  • FKM,
  • Tuf-Steel®,
  • Tuf-Flex®
  • Metal detectable/X-ray inspectable Detectomer®.

Leading the way in critical fluid transfer and containment

A world leader in the development and integration of innovative materials and components, Saint-Gobain’s Life Sciences business creates customized solutions for the biopharmaceutical production market. Through our unparalleled technological expertise and worldwide resources, Saint-Gobain develops integrated solutions for fluid transfer and containment that meet your evolving needs.

Sampling Systems is a family owned company and for the last 25 years we have been designing and supplying high quality sampling equipment. We have an unmatched level of sampling expertise as well as the largest range of samplers and accessories on the market.

95% of Items Kept in Stock

With well over 1 million items in stock we are able to ship more than 95% of customer orders within 24 hours. Most orders that we receive in the morning (UK time) are shipped that afternoon. The range includes the largest choice of powder, liquid and cream sampling equipment with a huge range of accessories..

SteriWare® Cleanroom Manufacture

Sampling Systems lead the way with the launch of disposable sampling tools and laboratory ware in 2004. The range is manufactured and packaged in our state of the art Class 10,000 and 100,000 Cleanrooms. SteriWare products are designed to be used straight from the bag. The manufacturing process is fully documented so we have full traceability.



Our company has 50+ years of experience in the manufacture of laboratory equipment for vortexing and mixing, particularly with the unsurpassed Vortex-Genie mixer. All products are still engineered and quality made in the USA. Scientific Industries offers a complete line of unique and innovative mixers, shakers, and stirrers incorporating the same rugged and reliable character as the original Vortex-Genie products.

Serail is an international company specialized in Freeze drying technology, with 50 years of experience. We are designing, manufacturing, and qualifying all our Freeze dryers fitted with loading systems and/or Isolators

Thermal analysis and calorimetry are largely used for the characterization of API (Active Principle Ingredient) and PDF (Pharmaceutical Dosage Form).
The high sensitivity of the SETARAM products range enables to measure the lowest thermal effects on very small quantities of sample.

Synetude is a company specialized in the design, fabrication and maintenance of industrial equipment using high-power ultrasonic technologies.

Technilab is a 20 years of experience company,c specialized in manufacturing Process Equipments for Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Cosmetic inductries.

Our core business is handling of solid forms as powders and granules in Atex or non Atex areas.

Our customers are major worldwide pharmaceutical groups, in Europe, America, Canada and Porto-Rico, without forgetting small contractors operating in local market.

Since the beginning ou goal is to keep  a constant balance between technical improvements and market expectations.

Technilab is one of the pioneer in dense phase vacuum conveying. This specific principle is particulary interesting in pharmaceutical applications because it is non demixing capabilities and no additional conveying air need.

We have now 3 ranges of systems with no less than 12 different models in each range , able to convey from 500 liters / hour up to 12 m3 / hour on distance up to 50 meters.

In addition, Technilab offers IBC Docking Stations including a patented automatic shaking system to control and regulate the powder flowing out of the bin without traditional  vibrators.

To complete the range, Technilab offers innovative tablet and capsule dedusters, in version stand alone or combined with metal detection and empty capsule eliminator.

TECHNOCHIM provide services in the surface treatment of various metals.

They have a big experience on stainless steel, titanium, carbon steel, copper, aluminium and zirconium.

TECHNOCHIM provides on site services for

  • Biofilm removal in cold purified water loops
  • Derouging in hot purified water systems and process equipments
  • Silica and rouging removal in stills and Pure Steam Generators
  • Preventive derouging (product sales and/or services)

The disposal of biohazard waste is not easy. It implies risks for the environment and the personnel not to mention high collection, transport and incineration costs; the producer is responsible for the waste until it has been completely destroyed. Disposal must also comply with local procedures and regulations.

Tesalys is proposing new systems for treatment of infectious waste in laboratories, healthcare facilities and bioproduction areas

Trionyx is specialized in the manipulation and the storage of chemicals in laboratories and industries. We manufacture safety storage cabinets, ductless fume hoods and safety showers.

VMI mixing technology covers the most diverse cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications. Our solutions are applicable to basic processes often only requiring simple agitation as well as to those more complex which require much specific and elaborate implementation combining several mechanical and physical operations.