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HORIBA Scientific is the new global team created to better meet customers’ present and future needs by integrating the scientific market expertise and resources of HORIBA. HORIBA Scientific offerings encompass elemental analysis, fluorescence, forensics, GDS, ICP, particle characterization, Raman, spectral ellipsometry, sulfur-in-oil, water quality, and XRF. Prominent absorbed brands include Jobin Yvon, Glen Spectra, IBH, SPEX, Instruments S.A, ISA, Dilor, Sofie, SLM, and Beta Scientific.

Products by this manufacturer


Ultima Expert is a unique combination of ultimate performance with comprehensive assistance tools designed to simplify method development.

Particle Size Analyzer


  • Small and compact
  • Stable and robust
  • Automatic alignment
  • Navigation system
  • Easy operation


Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging (SPRi)

OpenPlex is a flexible Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging system. It is a robust and compact system designed for simplicity and versatility. Its open format, dedicated sensor chips and manual operation enables many types of experiments.

XelPleX is the ideal solution for label-free bio-assays.
XelPleX combines the power of multiplexing (measuring multiple interactions simultaneously) and the sensitivity of Surface Plasmon Resonance, resulting in highresolution kinetic profiles.



The Auto SE is a fast, easy-to-use automatic ellipsometer that provides results and reports in a matter of seconds, making it an ideal instrument for routine thin film measurements.


The Smart-SE is an innovative and flexible ellipsometer which provides fast results in either an ex-situ or in-situ configuration.


The UVISEL spectroscopic phase modulated ellipsometer is a turn-key thin film metrology instrument for in-line measurement of thin film thickness and optical properties.

The new UVISEL 2 is the next generation of scanning scientific ellipsometers that delivers the highest level of performance in an innovative, integrated, and fully automated design.


UVISEL 2 VUV is specially designed for VUV measurement. There is no oxygen absorption with acquisition. It’s a n unique VUV spectral ellipsometer for high accurancy, unique fast measurement, fast vacuum ability, allowing you to change samples quickly, and using low amounts of nitrogen.

Raman AFM

HR Evo Nano is a fully integrated AFM-Raman system. It offers full automation and versatile compatibility with outstanding performance.

  • Raman excitation lines from DUV (229 nm) to NIR (1064 nm)
  • Ultra high spectral resolution


XploRa Nano is a fully integrated compact AFM-Raman system. It combines high performance with ease-of-use, speed and reliability.
Combiscope XploRA is a fully integrated compact AFM - Raman System dedicated to transparent samples (sensors, biophysics, biochemistry, etc).

Raman Spectroscopy

The unique 800 mm focal length provides the highest spectral resolution on the singlestage spectrometer market. It offers fully automated and versatile capability with excellent performance.

The T64000 system is designed to provide a versatile platform for Raman analysis with high performance. With ultimate flexibility, it allows choices of single/triple additive/triple subtractive operation modes, microscope/macro-chamber sampling, and the use of continuously variable lasers.

Integrated inverted Raman microscope designed specifically for use with biomedical or biological samples. It retains the full functionality of standard Raman measurements, and offers ultrafast Raman / fluorescence/PL imaging, etc.

The XploRA ONE offers new capabilities to the industrial and analytical user, providing the highest performance Raman, in a cost effective and robust instrument package. It is ideal for routine analytical, research and quality testing applications.


Integrated upright Raman microscope retains the full functionality of common Raman measurements, and offers ultrafast Raman/fluorescence/PL imaging, etc. 


Flex-CLUE is the ideal flexible package to handle high-performance CL analysis, for a wide range of applications.

Based on a dedicated fiber-optic interface, Flex-CLUE offers a compact and remote CL solution perfectly adapted to an SEM environment where space or access is limited.