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The global specialist in advanced components and systems for dosing and packaging liquid forms

SPC MANUFACTURING is an industrial company that specialises in designing and manufacturing tools for measuring liquids (seal-less filling pumps, needles, pushing tubes, etc.) and for measuring and compressing powders (measuring screws, punches, dies, compressor/feeder, etc.).

SPC ENGINEERING is a company that designs and manufactures dosing and filling/stoppering machines.

Products by this manufacturer

Filling Machine (Liquid)

With a repeatability rate of +/- 0.1%, our Malys® digital filling system aims to optimise filling conditions.

The semi-automatic Maxys® machine is in charge of filling and stoppering vials and syringes for small productions (batches for clinics, R&D, etc.).

The revamping activity consists of refurbishing existing filling lines by integrating made-to-measure Malys® modules. These modules, which replace ageing filling systems, are better adapted to the new products that need filling and to new production requirements.

Parts for Filling Machine

Our needles dedicated to filling, inerting and cleaning are custom-made. All models can be produced and adapted to any machine on the pharmaceutical market.

Our filling needles are ideal for :

Our volumetric pumps with seal-less pistons are designed for packaging liquids. They can be used with any brand of filling machine.
Furthermore, our pumps undergo a Flotest® leak control test before leaving the factory.

Our stainless steel pumps can be used on these machines :