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In the field of Lifesciences, Biobanks and Biotechnologies, Francelab is offering safe and  easy solutions to store sensitive biological products. Our range of solutions includes straws and tubings, liquid nitrogen containers, cryogenic freezers,...

Visotubes and goblets

CBS High Security straws are placed in goblets for storage in freezers. Goblets come in 8 different colors and their sub-compartments (called visotubes) in 12 different colors.
In the Daisy configuration, goblets hold 12 visotubes of different colors and can hold a maximum of 168 straws of 0.3 ml or 0.5 mL. 

  • Diameter: 65 mm (67 mm with cover)
  • Goblet height: 117 mm
  • Total height of Daisy goblet (with cover): 135 mm
  • Visotubes height: 120 mm
  • Height of visotube diameter 17.5 mm: 133 mm