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In the field of Lifesciences, Biobanks and Biotechnologies, Francelab is offering safe and  easy solutions to store sensitive biological products. Our range of solutions includes straws and tubings, liquid nitrogen containers, cryogenic freezers,...

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DIVA: Automated system for identifying, filling and sealing CBS High Security straws

Starting from a batch of up to 96 primary sample tubes, DIVA automatically performs the functions of aliquoting each tube into CBSTM High Security 0.5 mL straws of different color according to the user protocol, sealing the straws, and printing and validating the aliquot identification (barcode GS1 128 and/or alphanumerical ID) on every straw.

A sorting system separates the straws according to the different colored compartments (visotubes) in which they will be stored inside the Daisy goblets.

DIVA proactively manages the consumables needed for a given production cycle. A production cycle with 2 straws per primary sample tube for instance allows an autonomy of 1h08min without operator intervention. Refilling of consumables can be done "on the run", without interrupting the cycle, allowing for 100% continuous workflow operation. The operator is informed in real time of the cycle progression (including estimated time left to completion), as well as the level of consumables left on the machine and when to replenish consumables and/or primary tubes.