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In the field of Lifesciences, Biobanks and Biotechnologies, Francelab is offering safe and  easy solutions to store sensitive biological products. Our range of solutions includes straws and tubings, liquid nitrogen containers, cryogenic freezers,...

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MAPI: Automatic filling, sealing and printing system

An automatic system for packaging and identification of biological samples.

From an open primary sample tube, MAPI automatically fills CBSTM 0.3 or 0.5 mL straws, thermally seals both ends, prints bar codes and/or alphanumerical identification on the jacket and in-line validates the process by immediate bar code reading.

The MAPI system consists of the filling robot and its control box, a special ink-jet type printer and a PC with the MAPI pilot software. The automate is placed on a special laboratory bench at ergonomical height.