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In the field of Lifesciences, Biobanks and Biotechnologies, Francelab is offering safe and  easy solutions to store sensitive biological products. Our range of solutions includes straws and tubings, liquid nitrogen containers, cryogenic freezers,...

BS Series (Dry Shipper)

Dry shipper for safe transport of biological samples

  • Storage of racks and canisters (straws, cryovials, blood bags)
  • Narrow neck: long time storage
  • Dry storage

The family of “dry shipper” containers is designed for use in biology, livestock breeding, research and medical fields and enables shipping of samples, straws or cryovials for transport in dry and safe conditions.

Risk of an outflow of liquid nitrogen is restricted by the presence of an absorber placed in the inner vessel, which also ensures the integrity of biological samples in straws, cryovials and blood bags even if the tank is badly handled or accidentally overturned.

All units of the SD series are CE-marked, and comply with the Medical Device Directive 93/42/CEE.  BS series is IATA compliant to protect your valuable samples during the transport, in safe conditions for users and transporters. 

Capacity Available:

  • BS2002 M: 2 L
  • BS2004 M: 5,2 L
  • BS2024 M: 24 L