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In the field of Lifesciences, Biobanks and Biotechnologies, Francelab is offering safe and  easy solutions to store sensitive biological products. Our range of solutions includes straws and tubings, liquid nitrogen containers, cryogenic freezers,...

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CF Series (Dry Storage)(Very High Storage Capacity)

Stainless steel cryobiological storage containers with wide opening for easy access

  • Storage of Racks and canisters  (straws, cryovials, bloodbags)
  • Large opening: easy access
  • Dry storage

The CF series cryogenic storage containers of CRYO DIFFUSION offers a very high storage capacity for all type of biological samples. They are designed with high efficiency multi-layer insulation, providing a reliable and efficient samples for cryopreservation, collected in straws, cryovials or blood bags. The exterior is completely made of stainless steel and is thus perfectly suited for cleanrooms or pharmaceutical environment. 

Several features improve ergonomics and security:

  • Large neck opening of the container offers easy access to all samples
  • Large models have a lid in 2 sections for easy opening and better temperature stability
  • S170 CryoController for automatic filling of cryocontainer, temperature and liquid nitrogen level measurement, alarm transmission
  • Data transfer towards a supervision management system (optional)
  • Gas spring assisted opening lid with locking device (optional)
  • Wide range of polycarbonate, aluminium and stainless steel racks available

The vessels are made in France with stainless steel, according to the highest quality levels.

All units of the BF 2000 series are CE-marked and comply with the Medical Device Directive 93/42/CEE

Capacity Available: 

  • CF170M: 83 L
  • CF230 M: 84 L
  • CF320 M: 195 L
  • CF350 M: 190 L
  • CF400: 173 L