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Francelab is proposing for factories working in the field of Food & Beverages, Chemical Products, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals wide range of solutions including fermentation, grinding, mixing, drying, transfering, filling, packing, clean environment, desinfecting and washing.

Phileas® Genius®


With its rotating head and height-adjustable foot, Phileas® Genius® can be easily inserted into the structure of isolators, freeze dryers, biosafety cabinets, sterilizing ovens, or even into serving hatches or double-door locks.

Indeed, its large handles can be used with gloves.

It is designed especially for treating very small volumes between 0.25m3 and 10m3.


  • Volume: from 0,25 to 10 m3
  • Flow rate: average flow rate of 300ml/H
  • Weight: 7 kg
  • L x W x H: 280 x 196 x 208 mm
  • Material compatible with H2O2
  • It has a 200mL capacity tank
  • Equipped with rechargeable high autonomy battery
  • Able to carry out several cycles in a row

Tracability (Option)

  • Management
  • Zone monitoring
  • Possibility to edit your desinfection protocole