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Francelab is proposing for factories working in the field of Food & Beverages, Chemical Products, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals wide range of solutions including fermentation, grinding, mixing, drying, transfering, filling, packing, clean environment, desinfecting and washing.

GEW 666 washer (0.28 m3)


  • Chamber size: 660mm x 660mm x 660mm.
  • Chamber volume: 287 liters.
  • Overall dimensions: 1840mm W x 1993mm H x 965mm D
  • Single and double-door versions.

Standard key features – GEW666 P & PRO

  • Sanitary construction: use of highest quality of stainless steel, state-of-the-art & fully compliant welding methods.
  • Sanitary 3A rated recycling pump (surface finish of 0.6µm).
  • Fully drainable piping & chamber: no water retention.
  • HEPA filtered drying air.
  • Blue-tainted glass with GETINGE logo
  • Single or Double door versions both available
  • Vertical sliding for closing & opening, electrical motor for locking (perfectly sealed)
  • 316L construction: chamber, piping, door and outer panels.
  • PTFE/EPDM seals – FDA approved materials.
  • Chamber rounded corners > 12mm.
  • Fully drainable hydraulic circuit: minimal slope > 2%.
  • Reduced dead leg ratio of L/D<4