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Micronizer - Fluidized bed and alternate jet mill (BLF)


The BLF, POITTEMILL Jet Mill Micronizer holds several patents for the jet gas system and associated micro-classifiers.
Due to the absence of mechanical parts in the grinding zone, the BLF is particularly suited for the micronization of abrasive products or those that do not tolerate metallic contamination.
Micronization is achieved by the impact of the particles against each other, known as autogenous grinding. Adiabatic expansion on the injection nozzles reduces heat emission produced by the grinding which is particularly beneficial for thermo-sensitive products. 
The level of energy used by the BLF necessitates high-value input products.

Operating Principles

The BLF is a fluidized bed and alternate jet mill using convergent supersonic gas jets. For certain applications, the BLF can be equipped with alternate blowing nozzles fitted on two levels in the grinding chamber. The positioning of the alternate blowing nozzles improves grinding efficiency by increasing the average concentration of material in the jet zones and through improved material acceleration. The distribution of air between the nozzle levels is performed by electromagnetic valves that are piloted by a control system. The interval between two pulses can stretch from one second to one minute. The injected air which is loaded with the ground particles is returned to the atmosphere after passing through a high-efficiency micro-classifier. The passage through the micro-classifier allows for very precise cuts at ultra-fine levels.

Technical Data

  • Particle Size :Feeding 0-500 µm, Output D97 = 3-20 µm.
  • Throughput :From 500 g/h to 3 T/h.
  • Application Range :Chemicals, Pharmaceutical products, Cosmetics, Foodstuffs, Minerals, Metallic powders, Alloys, Toner...