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Francelab is proposing for factories working in the field of Food & Beverages, Chemical Products, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals wide range of solutions including fermentation, grinding, mixing, drying, transfering, filling, packing, clean environment, desinfecting and washing.

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Ultra Clean Air Area

Clean Area - Isolator - Glove Boxes

Glove Boxes / Isolators in positive pressure

The glove box is a physical barrier with the operator and highly protects the aseptic and sterile products against:
- A microbiological contamination
- A cross-contamination
- A particle contamination 

Main features :

Clean Rooms

EREA can contribute to solving problems of the different risks of contamination, either biological, bacteriological or particle contamination.

The requirements of our clients are greatly respected, considering some of our main values such as the reduction of energy consumption and the environmental care.

Our expertise and our experience enable EREA to propose customized solutions to our customers and to help them to control their environment.

Isolator – Glove Box

Glove Boxes / Isolators in negative pressure

Glove boxes and isolators are adapted to protect the operator and the environment from the noxiousness of the products handled.

EREA proposes a complete range of standardized and customized glove boxes in 304 or 316L stainless steel, working in negative pressure air or neutral gas.

Main features :

Sampling Booth / Station

These units protect the operator, the product and the environment during weighing or sampling.They contain and collect volatile powders avoiding cross contamination and protecting the operators and the products.

Features :

Transfer System for Tank

The transfer system is designed to make the handling of heavy tanks simple, safe and easy, thanks to a motorized wheel running on batteries. Operators can tow, guide and manoeuvre full or empty tanks during at least one hour, without damaging them or the environment.


Transfert Trolley

A horizontal laminar airflow sweeps the materials or products and creates a class A environment.
This protection works on the electricity network when loading and on batteries while transferring.

Features of CHA

Containment of sterile products and materials: protection of the product.

Options for CHA

  • Motorization on batteries
  • Partial closure of the loading part
  • Lateral loading allowing to take material from an autoclave in a confined chamber, for example. 
  • Loading of baskets of materials passed in autoclave.

Containment for sterile and/or toxic products
Protection of the product, environment and operator

Principle of trolleys CHA-R

A laminar horizontal airflow isolates the material and provides a class A chamber.
An air exhauster opposite to the blower catches the air and contains the possible particles emitted during the loading.

Options for CHA-R

  • Motorization on batteries
  • ULPA filter at the air intake
  • Air conditioning