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Isolator - Glove Boxes for Sterile Products

Glove Boxes / Isolators in positive pressure

The glove box is a physical barrier with the operator and highly protects the aseptic and sterile products against:
- A microbiological contamination
- A cross-contamination
- A particle contamination 

Main features :

  • Glove boxes with 2, 3 or 4 gloves
  • Frame in stainless steel
  • A system of double HEPA filtration ensuring a high level of safety and a secured change of filters
  • A continuous and automatic regulation of the negative pressure
  • A considerable tightness: class 2
  • Ventilated airlock with 2 interlocking doors
  • Hermetic and adjustable feedthroughs.

Options :

  • Opening panel with inflatable gasket
  • Electro-polished finish
  • An integrated and automatic decontamination (H2O2) system
  • Diamond point-shaped bottom for the draining of liquids
  • Electrical frame to adjust the height
  • Anti-vibratile weighing table
  • Internal fitting-out
  • Customized dimensions.