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Francelab is proposing for factories working in the field of Food & Beverages, Chemical Products, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals wide range of solutions including fermentation, grinding, mixing, drying, transfering, filling, packing, clean environment, desinfecting and washing.

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Downflow Booth & Dispensing / Sampling Unit

These units protect the operator, the product and the environment during weighing or sampling.They contain and collect volatile powders avoiding cross contamination and protecting the operators and the products.

Features :

  • In stainless steel 304L
  • A vertical laminar air flow class ISO 5 with a partial air recycling protects the weighing / dispensing / sampling booth
  • An air flow blowing ultra clean air into the surrounding room from one extremity of the blowing plenum via a grille at the front of the booth and an air flow sucking and recirculating the air of the booth create together a negative pressure within the area, avoiding any cross contamination
  • Blowing plenum, equipped with the HEPA filters, perfectly airtight
  • Recirculation duct with prefilters, ventilation plenum with fan, control panel, a table on request
  • Suspended to the structures on the frontside, resting against the ventilation plenum.