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Cell Culture Monitoring Instrument

Cytonote are based on a break-through technology called Lensless Imaging

This technology allow to obtain clear and clean pictures from a non focused acquistion by a CMOS sensor without any lens to magnify/focus objects. 

The simple hardware construction of this technology provide robust tools for continuous monitoring of your cell cultures.

How does it work?

  1. Light is emitted by a LED
  2. Cells diffract the light and create Hologram paterns
  3. Paterns are recorded by a CMOS Sensor
  4. Cell pictures are reconstructed from holographic algorithms


  1. Direct cell observation without contact into incubators
  2. Works with standard single-use petri dish, T-flasks or slides
  3. Simple and robust technology for continuous monitoring
  4. No focusno brightness, no settings
  5. Extremely wide Field of View : 29.4 mm2
  6. High contrast compared to brigthfield
  7. Works for adherent and non-adherent cells without any parameters to set
  8. Thousands of cells observed in only one pictures!

The Cytonote is the most simple live cell-imaging system designed for recording cell movies and analyzing a variety of cell culture from inside the incubator.

The Cytonote Counter is the most simple automatic benchtop cell counter.

HORUS Software is the shared plateform between every Cytonote products to provide user datas the easiest way.