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Cytonote Counter

The Cytonote Counter is the most simple automatic benchtop cell counter.

Based on the new and revolutionary lensless imaging technology to measure total and viable cell count and determine viability.

The Cytonote Counter provides an unmatched accuracy and precision thanks to its wide fields of view (29.4mm²) that allows counting several thousands of cells within a single sample image.

No need to adjust focus, brightness or any other parameters, our algorithm will reconstruct cells wherever cells are located... from a few micrometers to some millimeters! This caracteristic mades Cytonote Counter a extermely robust device not fearing temperature variation or any other parameter which can affect traditional focus adjustment.


  • Load the sample into the slide chamber
  • Insert the slide chamber in to the Cytonote Counter
  • Press "Measure"


Working on a ultra wide field of viewall datas recovered from pictures taken by Cytonote are representative of your cell culture. Indeed, working on 29.4mm² allow to follow several thousands of cells at a time.

  • Automatic Cell Count
  • Viability
  • Cell size distribution
  • Ratio Aspects
  • Growth Curves