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ELX - Laboratory Lumpbreaker


Rotating lumpbreakers are designed to break crumbly products under the form of agglomerated blocks or lumps. LABLINE lumpbreakers have been designed with various form-factors in order to meet various customer requirements.

The ELX lumpbreaker can be easily cleaned, and access to the inside and to parts in contact with the product is easy. Usually fitted with a knife rotor, the ELX lumpbreaker can also be used with a blade rotor, more adequate for finer products that tend to clog. Fineness depends on the perforation of the sieving screen. 

Thanks to their low rotation speed, the FORPLEX lumpbreakers can work without damaging the product proprieties, in particular without warming up and without producing powder.


  • Easily cleanable.
  • Industrial design with a lab form-factor.
  • Multiple options : Cryogeny, Inerted atmosphere, ATEX 2 and 22 zone compliant,..
  • Complete mobile unit.

Technical Data

  • Throughput :From 200kg/h to 500kg/h.
  • Application Range :Minerals, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals,..