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Alexsys - Calvet 3D calorimeter optimized for high temperature solution

High Temperature Calvet Calorimeter (up to 800 / 1000°C)

Sensitivity, stability, flexibility and precision:

The AlexSys calorimeter features a 3D Calvet Sensor, providing high sensitivity and exceptional precision. The calorimeter block and furnace design ensures a high signal-to-noise ratio,temperature and signal stability, and low detection limit permitting low energy and slow reactions to be measured.

The sensitivity of the AlexSys does not change by more than 2% with
- weight, shape and nature (powder, pellet, fiber, liquid, etc.) of sample,
- contact between sample and crucible,
- crucible material,
- sweeping gas (inert or oxidizing) and its flow rate.

The sample chamber is big enough (working volume 20-30 cc depending on
sample cells) to contain a variety of assemblies, to provide mixing and gas bubbling through the solvent, and to design experiments to simulate different thermochemical processes at high temperature.

Ease of operation: The leading CALISTO software provided with the calorimeter is intuitive and powerful, enabling any typical or special-design experiment and data analysis to be performed. The calorimeter operates isothermally, with temperature and sensitivity stable over many months.

Sample loading and handling is straightforward.