• Material Characterization


Francelab is offering through its worldwide partners a wide range of high technology instruments for Research and Development and Quality Control laboratories in the field of Ceramics, Composites, Electronics & Semiconductors, Geology & Mineralogy, Polymers, Nanotechnology, Metal, Rubber, Textile and Thin Films.

DMA + 1000

The new DMA+ series instruments are dynamic testing machines based on a brand new concept and dedicated to analysis of viscoelastic properties (DMA) and to fatigue tests of advanced materials and industrial components, as well as to the follow up of crack growth.

The DMA+ new high-rigidity one-piece test frame has been designed to offer optimal stiffness and frequency analysis ranges, along with first-class ergonomics.

Main Assets:

  • High rigidity one-piece test frame
  • High force electro-dynamic shaker
  • High frequency testing capabilities
  • Low strain and low force sensitivity
  • High strain and high force capability
  • Advanced test definition
  • Advanced algorithms for precise test control
  • Thermal chamber -150°C to 500°C
  • Atmosphere control (option)
  • Humidity control (option)
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Reduced foot print

Main Uses:


  • DMA testing of a wide range of materials: elastomers, plastics, composites, biomaterials…
  • Fatigue testing for material’s specimens and industrial components
  • Characterization of elastomers: Glass transition, Payne effect, Mullins effect, heat build up…
  • Characterization of thermosets: polymerization, exothermic reaction, shrinkage, rheological properties…
  • Comparison and classification of complexes materials for design engineering
  • Static testing (creep, stress relaxation, tensile/compression tests …)
  • Crack growth testing



  • Frequency (min) : 0.00001Hz
  • Frequency (max) : 200 Hz
  • Frequency (max - option) : 1000 Hz
  • Dynamic force (max) : 1000N peak to peak
  • Dynamic displacement (max) : 12mm peak to peak

Thermal Chamber & Environment Control


  • Internal dimensions (HxWxD) : 120 mm x 140 mm x 95 mm
  • Temperature (max) : + 500°C
  • Temperature (min) : -150°C



  • Modulus (min) : 250 Pa
  • Modulus (max) : 3E12 Pa
  • Measurement range : >6 decades