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Francelab is offering through its worldwide partners a wide range of high technology instruments for Research and Development and Quality Control laboratories in the field of Ceramics, Composites, Electronics & Semiconductors, Geology & Mineralogy, Polymers, Nanotechnology, Metal, Rubber, Textile and Thin Films.

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THEMYS TGA (Thermogravimetric Analysis)


Thermogravimetric Analyzer up to 1600°C

The THEMYS is the NEW benchmark for modular thermogravimetric analysis. The THEMYS is available in various platforms: Standard Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA), high pressure TGA, Simultaneous Thermal Analysis (STA) TG/DSC, Differential Thermal Analysis / Differential Scanning Calorimetry(DTA/DSC), and Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA).

The design of the THEMYS is to provide our users with the following: better experimental control, quality results, instrument versatility and ease of use.

Main Features

Easy of Use

  • MINIMIZED number of tools
  • TWIST & LOCK Fast furnace thermocouple connection
  • EASY FIT rods
  • CALISTO Data Acquisition & Treatment Software

Modularity - Versatility

  • THREE balance types
  • MULTIPLE Simultaneous Analyses
  • TGA & STA rods suspensions
  • CUSTOM DESIGN Solutions

Experiment Control

  • TEMPERATURES up to 1 600 °C or 1 750 °C
  • GAS FLOW control
  • VACUUM operations
  • HIGH PRESSURE operations

Quality Results

  • MASS variations
  • HEAT Flow & Heat
  • EVOLVED Gases


Temperature range

  • TGA: RT to 1 750 °C
  • HP TGA: RT to 1 200 °C
  • DTA, TG DTA: RT to 1 750 °C
  • DSC, TG DSC: RT to 1 600°C

Programmable heating rate: 0.01 to 100 °C/min.

Balance - Measuring range (mg) - Small

  • High Sensitivity: +/- 5
  • High Versatility: +/- 200
  • High Capacity: +/- 300
  • High Pressure: +/- 200

Balance - Measuring range (mg) - Large

  • High Sensitivity: +/- 50
  • High Versatility: +/- 2 000, AUTO-TARE
  • High Capacity: +/- 3 000
  • High Pressure: +/- 2 000

Balance - Maximum loading capacity

  • High Sensitivity: 35g
  • High Versatility: 35g
  • High Capacity: 100g
  • High Pressure: 35g

Balance - TGA baseline drift (temperature scanning) b, c

  • High Sensitivity: 30 μg up to 1 000 °C - 40 μg up to 1 600 °C
  • High Versatility: 35 μg up to 1 000 °C - 50 μg up to 1 700 °C
  • High Capacity: <100 μg up to 1 700 °C
  • High Pressure: - d

Balance - TGA baseline drift precision c

  • High Sensitivity: +/- 3 μg
  • High Versatility: +/- 10 μg
  • High Capacity: -
  • High Pressure: +/- 200 μg

Balance - resolution (small range)

  • High Sensitivity: 0.00059 μg
  • High Versatility: 0.023 μg
  • High Capacity: 0.03 μg
  • High Pressure: 0.023 μg

DTA / DSC - Calorimetric Precision c, e

  • DTA, TG DTA: +/- 2 % f
  • DSC, TG DSC:+/- 1 %

DTA / DSC - Temperature precision c, e

  • DTA, TG DTA: +/- 0.8 °C
  • DSC, TG DSC:+/- 0.4 °C

DTA / DSC - Temperature Accuracy c, e

  • DTA, TG DTA: +/- 0.4 °C
  • DSC, TG DSC:+/- 0.25 °C


Because the core of a thermogravimetric analyzer is its balance, SETARAM
Instrumentation designs balances exclusively for thermal analysis applications.
Three models of balance are offered with THEMYS to cover the whole range
of applications. They are all based on the hang-down design, providing the
highest level of stability and the best limit of detection.

The HIGH SENSITIVITY balance is designed for the accurate study of very
small mass variations. Its 35 g loading capacity still allows one to characterize
heavy samples. It has the best noise level, the best limit of detection and the
best isothermal drift . This balance is typically the ideal choice for long term
corrosion kinetics.

The HIGH CAPACITY balance has a +/- 3 000 mg mass variation range,
which makes it perfect for experiments that lead to the full decomposition of
large samples, as with heterogeneous materials

The HIGH VERSATILITY balance is equipped with the AUTO-TARE system.
It is the perfect choice to take full advantage of the THEMYS platform
modularity, when frequent changes of samples types, crucibles, or other
experimental conditions are required. The HIGH VERSATILITY balance also
benefits from an excellent signal drift under temperature scanning conditions
and from within +/- 200 mg and +/- 2 000 mg mass variation ranges.


Heat transfer specialists know that a high temperature furnace with small dimensions means large temperature gradients.
This is why THEMYS is designed around a single, robust and high performance graphite furnace protected by an 18 mm internal diameter
alumina tube. This ensures a large homogeneous temperature zone required by changing experiments: small or large samples, small
TGA crucibles or large tricouple DTA rods, etc. This also avoids tedious furnace exchange when experiment conditions change.

This furnace principle is consistent with the traditional SETARAM effort for providing systems with the lowest operational costs in
the market.


A choice of high sensitivity thermocouples to cover changing temperature range needs is provided with an easier than ever TWIST AND
LOCK system. It is fast, does not require tools, and the thermocouple’s temperature range is detected automatically.

For challenging samples and atmospheric conditions, sleeved thermocouples (alumina) are available to enhance corrosion resistance.