• Material Characterization


Francelab is offering through its worldwide partners a wide range of high technology instruments for Research and Development and Quality Control laboratories in the field of Ceramics, Composites, Electronics & Semiconductors, Geology & Mineralogy, Polymers, Nanotechnology, Metal, Rubber, Textile and Thin Films.


Large volume & high temperature Thermogravimetric Analyzer TGA (ambient to 2000°C)

This is an extremely high performance weighing module used with the TGA 96. This balance can weigh samples up to 100 g and is well suited to measuring both micro-quantities of samples (a few milligrams) as well as large, dense samples, while maintaining measurement resolution to within a microgram whatever the mass analyzed. Several configurations are possible to analyze samples with the TGA 96: - sample placed in a crucible directly suspended from the balance (several types of crucible available); - sample suspended directly from the balance without being placed in a crucible beforehand (maximum sample dimensions: length 80mm, height 20 mm); - sample placed in a TGA rod with built-in thermocouple in order to measure its temperature. Simultaneous TGA-DTA/DSC measurements are also available.


  • amb/1600, amb/1750, amb/2000
  • 0,01 to 20 °C.min-1
  • 2200 to 18000 µl crucibles
  • Resolution: 0,2 µW / 0,02 µW
  • MS & FTIR Coupling