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APC61 - Laboratory cabinet for acids and bases

  • External dimensions (HxWxD in mm): 670 x1135 x 615
  • Number of comparment(s): 2
  • PVC base trough: 4
  • Storage Capacity (L): 96
  • Retention Capacity (L): 44
  • Weight (kg): 60


  • Large warning labels in compliance with ISO 3864 norm and the European directive 92/58/CEE and NF X08.003 norm.
  • In compliance with recommandations of the National Institute for Resarch and Safety at Work (I.N.R.S)


  • Especially designed for acid and base storage
  • Built in cellular PVC with a great resistant to vapour agressions and corrosive liquids
  • Cabinet with sliding drawers for acid or / and base storage


  • Built in white cellular PVC
  • “Corrosive”, “Base” or “Toxic” large warning labels (only the 3 for APC106 model)
  • Adjustable retention sliding drawers for each major compartment
  • Independent compartments (except APC31 model) for acid, base or/and toxic product storage (only for APC106 model)
  • Each compartment is divided in a major and a secondary storage area (except APC61, APC111 and APC221 models)


  • High & Low opening vents diam 100mm with connecting piece for possible exhaust
  • Handling door(s) for APC31, APC91 and APC106 models with key locking system
  • Sliding door(s) for APC61, APC111 and APC221 models with key locking system
  • Adjustable leveling jack feet