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Francelab is offering through its worldwide partners a wide range of high technology instruments for Research and Development and Quality Control laboratories in the field of Ceramics, Composites, Electronics & Semiconductors, Geology & Mineralogy, Polymers, Nanotechnology, Metal, Rubber, Textile and Thin Films.

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DELTAPRO / DELTAFLEX: Lifetime Spectrofluorometer

DeltaPro / DeltaFlex are the new generation of turn-key TCSPC fluorescence lifetime systems. It employs the accuracy of time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC). This system enables the seamless measurement of luminescence lifetimes from picoseconds to 1 second, using our DeltaHub timing electronics.

DeltaFlex couple with the emission monochromators (Uv-Vis or NIR range) for wavelength selection and complete spectral collection such as TRES.


  • Lifetime - measure 25 ps to 1 s
  • Operation up to 100 MHz with DeltaDiode light sources
  • Standard sample holder with magnetic stirrer and temperature sensor
  • Measure rotational correlation times using optional polarizers
  • Kinetic TCSPC-1 to 10000 decays measured sequentially in 1 ms to 1 min per decay