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In the field of Biopharmaceutical, Pharmaceutical and Medical field, Francelab is proposing primary packaging solutions including chlorobrutyl and bromobutyl rubber stoppers and aluminium caps (central tear off, total tear off,...)

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Packaging for liquids

Aluminium caps

The complete tear-off-cap is meant to be completely removed. Therefore, it gives complete access to the stopper, as it is needed (i.e for rinsing solutions, drinkable or dilutable applications or for environmental sorting purposes.)

The center tab cap enhance the safety and tamper evidence of the sealed product by protecting the injection site of the stopper with a removable aluminium tab. This tab is removed by breakage of the bridges which attach it to the seal.

The center hole cap provide immediate access to the injection site of the sealed stopper.

Combi - Seals

Combi-seals combine an aluminium cap with a rubber seal.

Pre-filled syringes & cartridge components

Whether your drug products are dental anesthetics or biologics such as insulin, we have the cartridge plunger you need or will formulate one with you for your specific requirements.

We are a leading provider of a comprehensive range of elastomeric plungers, compatible with the pre-filled syringes offered by the world’s top glass system manufacturers.

We are the world’s number one supplier of elastomeric needle shields, home to the patented rigid needle shield design.

Recognized as the global leader in pre-filled syringe components, our tip caps combine effective permeability and chemical inertness.

Push-off caps

The center hole attachement of the polypropylene lid provides optimal push-off force and therefore maximizes ease of use.

The center tab attachement of the polypropylene lid assures the perfect fit of seal and lid even after final steam sterilization cycles.