• Single use & filtration technology


To answer to the growing needs of its industrial customers (Food & Beverages, Chemical, Biopharmaceutical, Pharmaceutical, Medical Instrumentation...) in term of single-use / disposable solutions and purification , Francelab is offering a wide range of tubings, hoses, quick and safe connectors and disconnectors, carboys, bags,...and biochromatography systems.

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Single-Use Bioprocess Recirculating Mixing System

The Bioprocess Recirculating Mixing System from Saint-Gobain has been developed to create a simple and effective single-use mixing alternative for biopharmaceutical applications. The innovative design utilizes an externally mounted pump to recirculate and mix the fluid in a single-use bag system. The pump on the revolutionary mixing system has no bearings to wear out or seals to break. Utilizing magnetic levitation, the pump's impeller is levitated inside a sealed casing and driven by the magnetic field of the motor — resulting in zero particle generation.

The portable control unit allows for use on multiple carts, reducing capital investment while maximizing system flexibility. The fully validated, single-use mixing system ensures a robust system for either liquid/liquid or powder/liquid mixing needs.

The mixing system offers maximum flexibility and product security. Choose from a standard range of products or work with our team of engineers to develop a customized solution for your application.

• Supports a wide range of mixing volumes – up to 3,000 liters
• Quick and simple single-use bag installation
• Standard single-use mixing bags with 3-port design or a customized solution
• Magnetically driven, single-use centrifugal pump head integrated with the single-use mixing bag
• Integrated load cell for weighing of media (optional)
• Venturi port for fast and simple powder/liquid addition (optional)
• Jacketed tanks for temperature control (optional)
• Gamma stable up to 40 kGy
• Contract testing and development for end-user process
• Open or closed system mixing

• Faster than traditional single-use mixing systems
• Simple operation provides ease of use
• Low cost of ownership, flexibility to use multiple carts with a single control unit
• Simple bag deployment simplifies the filling steps
• Saint-Gobain standard validation packages available for all single-use component materials

• Buffer and media preparation and storage
• Cell culture and centrifuge transport
• Harvest hold and clarification operations
• Chromatography and concentration operations
• Product pooling
• Media distribution