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Cryo Bio System

Cryo Bio System is offering packaging and sample management solutions for preservation and storage of biological samples at variable low temperatures: Liquid nitrogen phase (-196°C), Liquid vapor phase nitrogen (~-132°C), Ultra-low temperature electrical freezers (-80°C).

Through these solutions, Cryo Bio System helps the preservation of your valuable biological samples and viable cells for future use, ensuring maximum sample viability by: QUALITY (preserves and maintains sample’s initial quality), SAFETY (stored product , patient &donor, user), TRACEABILITY (enhanced traceability with tamperproof barcoding), EFFICIENCY (of storage space)

Products by this manufacturer

Consumables - Straws & Tubes HU

Cryo Bio System canisters are the sleeves that hold the goblets. They are compatible with all types of liquid nitrogen and vapor freezers, and also low-temperature mechanical freezers.