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Technilab is a 20 years of experience company,c specialized in manufacturing Process Equipments for Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Cosmetic inductries.

Our core business is handling of solid forms as powders and granules in Atex or non Atex areas.

Our customers are major worldwide pharmaceutical groups, in Europe, America, Canada and Porto-Rico, without forgetting small contractors operating in local market.

Since the beginning ou goal is to keep  a constant balance between technical improvements and market expectations.

Technilab is one of the pioneer in dense phase vacuum conveying. This specific principle is particulary interesting in pharmaceutical applications because it is non demixing capabilities and no additional conveying air need.

We have now 3 ranges of systems with no less than 12 different models in each range , able to convey from 500 liters / hour up to 12 m3 / hour on distance up to 50 meters.

In addition, Technilab offers IBC Docking Stations including a patented automatic shaking system to control and regulate the powder flowing out of the bin without traditional  vibrators.

To complete the range, Technilab offers innovative tablet and capsule dedusters, in version stand alone or combined with metal detection and empty capsule eliminator.