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Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging (SPRi)

Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging (SPRi) is an optical detection process that occurs when a polarized light hits a prism covered by a thin (gold) metal layer. Under certain conditions (wavelength, polarization and incidence angle), free electrons at the surface of the biochip absorb incident light photons and convert them into surface plasmon waves. A dip in reflectivity of the light is seen under these SPR conditions.

The SPR imaging technology takes SPR analysis a step further for biomolecular interaction analysis. It is a sensitive label-free method of visualizing the entire biochip via a video CCD camera. This design enables the biochips to be prepared in an array format with each active site (spot) providing SPR information simultaneously and in real-time.

Key Applications:

  • Instant affinity profiling
  • Small molecule detection
  • Rank and screen your molecules

OpenPlex is a flexible Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging system. It is a robust and compact system designed for simplicity and versatility. Its open format, dedicated sensor chips and manual operation enables many types of experiments.

XelPleX is the ideal solution for label-free bio-assays.
XelPleX combines the power of multiplexing (measuring multiple interactions simultaneously) and the sensitivity of Surface Plasmon Resonance, resulting in highresolution kinetic profiles.