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C80 (3D Calvet)

Reaction, isothermal and scanning calorimeter (ambient to 300°C)


  • Incomparable precision of measurement: the 3D Calvet sensor totally surrounds the sample, and all heat evolved is measured. Now matter how small or large the thermal transformation the system provides a complete picture of the event. 
  • Absolute calibration: with a three-dimensional transducer the sensitivity of the C80 is independent of:
  • The weight, form and nature (powder, fiber, liquid, etc.) of the sample
  • Any contact between the sample and the transducer
  • The type of crucible used
  • The nature of the sweeping gas (inert, oxidizing, wet) and its flow rate.
  • Flexibility using the power of the detector, and the wide range of available vessels the C80 calorimeter offers the ability to simulate almost any process condition:
  • Isothermal calorimeter: the heat measurement is performed at a constant temperature
  • Scanning calorimeter: the heat measurement is performed during a temperature program
  • Reaction calorimeter: mixing vessels allow for the simulation of reaction conditions, liquid/liquid, solid/liquid and even gas phase reactions can be measured.
  • Cp Measurement, liquids, solids and powders
  • Heats of solution and many more.
  • Ease of operation: dedicated market leading CALISTO software that is not only intuitive but powerful enough to perform every typical experiments and data treatment.


  • Ambient to 300°C
  • 0,01 to 2 °C.min-1
  • Nominal 12,5 ml, batch mixing, circulation, pressure cells
  • Pressure: 350 bars (5,075 psi), 600 bars (8,700 psi), 1000 bar (14,600 psi)
  • RMS Noise 1 µW
  • Resolution: 1 µW
  • Full autosampler option


With its temperature range (ambient to 300°C) and its large range of cells the C80 calorimeter can meet a wide range of applications, especially when dealing with:

  • Process Safety: risks related to accidental pressure build up, synthesis of chemical followed by its thermal decomposition, thermal stability of substances, risks during normal operations, risks during an accident, time & mass scales
  • Life Sciences – Pharmaceuticals Products: polymorphism detection by dissolution studies, behavior of a drug under a wet atmosphere, study of polymorphism / crystallinity of drugs, amorphism, metabolism of living species, thermal stability of intermediate products
  • Energy: desulfurization of diesels by zeolithes, measure of reactivity of asphalt-salt mixtures, gas hydrates formation / dissociation, catalyzers characterization, adsorption of hydrogen (fuel cell), stability of nuclear waste, thermal characterization (nuclear)
  • Food: neutralization of free fatty acids in oils, gel formation / dissociation, dissolution studies, melting, crystallization, amorphism, stability vs. oxidation.