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Francelab is offering through its worldwide partners a wide range of high technology instruments and products for Research and Development and Quality Control laboratories in the field of Agriculture, Biology, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Biotechnology, Clinical, Chemistry, Cosmetic, Environment, Food and Beverage, Microbiology and Pharmaceutical.

MIXWEL - Blender

The Mixwel Blender is a robust, efficient, quiet, vibration-free blender for use in laboratories. It is simple to use and has a patented pendular blending method, which supplies unsurpassed power and enhanced productivity.

  • As well as having a built-in waste draw to collect spillages, Mixwell is easy to clean due to easily removable paddles, a smooth, stainless steel chamber and rounded corners.
  • It has an easy close-start, open-stop mechanism.
  • The screen and keyboard have been ergonomically designed with the user in mind.
  • Automatic bag closing prevents RSI injuries. a unique optional bag clipping/sealing system is available for the Mixwel+ model.
  • Mixwel is compatible with the Diluwel Diluter.

The most powerful, efficient blender on the market today. Faster and more complete homogenisation of samples.