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BugBox Plus: Compact Workstation - Larger Interlock

Compact Workstation - Larger Interlock. Retaining the compact bench footprint of the Bugbox, Bugbox Plus has the added advantage of a larger interlock to facilitate the transfer of larger plates and flasks. 

  • Up to 270 x 90mm plate capacity to maximise workflow
  • Low gas consumption therefore low running costs
  • Interlock transfers 18 x 90mm plates in 35 seconds
  • Accurate incubation control from ambient + 5°C to 45°C
  • Accurate humidity control
  • Convenient Ezee™ Sleeve bare-hand system provides access without disrupting atmosphere within chamber
  • Halogen inspection spot lamp for close sample analysis
  • Optional internal mains socket for powering accessories
  • Optional single plate entry system to allow direct  introduction of individual plates without the interlock cycle