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CBS Co-XStraw

Straw technology concept

New CBS High security patented straw using a new technology of a plastic envelop on the ionomeric resin of the straw which enables an extension of the printing length. Available in 8 different colors.
Dimensions, internal and external are identical to the CBS straw, inside material same as the CBS straw. Two different volumes available: 0.3 and 0.5 mL.

CBS High Security straws are designed for cryopreservation of any biological fluids such as plasma, serum, buffy coat, red blood cells, extracted DNA, urine, cell suspensions, bacterial or viral strains, gametes, embryos and gonadic tissue.


Storage space efficiency improvement in LN2 (+14% increase).

Storage comparisons:

  • Chart 1500 Series Tanks
    • Cryovials (1.2 mL or 2.0 mL) 36.400
    • Original CBS Straws 157.248
    • New CBS Co-X Straws 202.176
  • 80 Upright Freezers - 23 cu.ft
    • Cryovials (1.2 mL or 2.0 mL) 32.400
    • Original CBS Straws 133.056
    • New CBS Co-X Straws 171.072!

The same fully sealed 0.3mL and 0.5mL aliquots have a new external aspect and offer even more space efficiency for collection storage.
In addition to space saving efficiencies, the new CO-X High Security straw is available with storage volumes that make sense for new laboratory analytical technics. Don't compromise the integrity of your valuable specimens by multi exposure to freeze thaw cycles anymore! Single use aliquots to minimize variables.

Filling, Sealing and identifying

Directly after filling, both extremes of the CBS High Security straws are thermally sealed with dedicated equipment: SYMS III