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Francelab is offering through its worldwide partners a wide range of high technology instruments and products for Research and Development and Quality Control laboratories in the field of Agriculture, Biology, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Biotechnology, Clinical, Chemistry, Cosmetic, Environment, Food and Beverage, Microbiology and Pharmaceutical.

MDS - 300 (Micro Decontamination Station 300L)

This small-scale effluent decontamination system for labs fills the expectations of contractors and architects both in terms of price and footprint, while meeting the requirements of laboratory researchers, policy makers and biosafety workers.

Designed specifically for very high containment classes, it is ideal for biohazardous liquids from:

  • Virology Labs
  • Research Labs
  • Control Disease Centers
  • Vet Labs
  • Contract Manufacturing units

What can you expect from our lab units?

  • Treat up to 300L per day
  • Guaranteed decontamination: by using our effluent decontamination systems (EDS) for labs, we guarantee that any kind of effluents coming from sinks, showers, washers, process utilities or from all the biocontained areas of your facilities will be decontaminated (integrated option for animal labs).
  • Fully automated: our system does not require any manual intervention. The PLC controls the cycles for safe operation and total monitoring (self diagnoses programs included).
  • Affordable solution: produced in series, we have designed this system to fit in the budgets of research centers and university labs.
  • Compact footprint: the layout is specifically designed for placement in very tight spaces

 An effluent decontamination system designed for the safety of your staff

  • PLC-controlled cycles: automatic start according to storage volume
  • Sealed unit: the buffer tank and treatment section is inside the system
  • Leak detection system: alarms and optional visual control with transparent viewing panels
  • Automatic stop of the effluent discharge in case of an energy failure
  • Cycle recording
  • Only electricity required