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Francelab is offering through its worldwide partners a wide range of high technology instruments and products for Research and Development and Quality Control laboratories in the field of Agriculture, Biology, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Biotechnology, Clinical, Chemistry, Cosmetic, Environment, Food and Beverage, Microbiology and Pharmaceutical.

XploRA ONE: Analytical

The XploRA ONE offers new capabilities to the industrial and analytical user, providing the highest performance Raman, in a cost effective and robust instrument package. It is ideal for routine analytical, research and quality testing applications.


  • Upright research microscope
  • OneClick operation, fast and accurate analysis
  • Autocalibration, autovalidation, autoexposure, autofocus
  • True confocal measurement
  • SWIFT, Ultra-fast Raman imaging
  • Regulatory compliance: 21 CFR11