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Cathodoluminescence (CL): photons (light) emitted from a luminescent sample in response to electron-beam impact. CL is collected by the optical interface and analyzed spectroscopically, providing detailed information on the physical properties of the sample down to the nanoscale.

Key Applications:

CL is a powerful technique to characterize defects, trace elements, and impurities in materials across a large range ofapplications.

  • Mineralogy/Geology: Crystals, carbonates, diamonds, zircon, calcite, dolomite, etc
  • Material Sciences: Semiconductor and optoelectronic materials, dielectrics / ceramics, the oxide films, glass
  • Life Sciences
  • Forensics

HCLUE, with its mirror-based optical interface, combines the modularity of our spectrometers with the high sensitivity of our large range of detectors. HCLUE is the perfect tool to
analyze very weak CL signals, keeping optimum performance over a wide spectral range.


Flex-CLUE is the ideal flexible package to handle high-performance CL analysis, for a wide range of applications.

Based on a dedicated fiber-optic interface, Flex-CLUE offers a compact and remote CL solution perfectly adapted to an SEM environment where space or access is limited.