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DUAL-FL: Fast Spectrofluorometer for High-Throughput Acquisitions

Aqualog® / Dual-FL combine the world’s only CCD-based benchtop spectrofluorometer with a UV-VIS spectrophotometer. It is the only instrument to simultaneously measure both absorbance spectra and fluorescence
Excitation-Emission Matrices.

EEMs are acquired up to 100 times faster than with other instruments. Dedicated software automates traceable Quinine Sulfate Unit calibration and correction of inner-filter effects and Rayleigh and Raman scattering lines.


  • The only true simultaneous absorbance-fluorescence system available
  • The fastest acquisition speed of EEMs (s~min)
  • Light source: 150 W Xenon lamp
  • Spectra range: 200 nm~800 nm (UV-NIR model, full-range calibration)
  • Sensitivity (SNR) > 20000:1
  • Double excitation monochromator
  • TE-cooled CCD
  • All-reflective optics