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Francelab is offering through its worldwide partners a wide range of high technology instruments and products for Research and Development and Quality Control laboratories in the field of Agriculture, Biology, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Biotechnology, Clinical, Chemistry, Cosmetic, Environment, Food and Beverage, Microbiology and Pharmaceutical.

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Roto-Shake Gebie - Rotator

Easily Converts from Rocking to Rotating (or vice versa) in just 5 seconds.

Magnetic Stainless Steel Platform and Clip Plate System holds almost any container at any angle. Expansion kits available for increased capacity and different containers.

Magnetic Strips hold bags for complete and even soaking of membrane-based blot assays/washings.

Optional Horizontal Orbital Attachment is ideal for Western Blots and maintaining cells or solutions in suspension.

Ideal for Cold Rooms and Incubators.Maintains set speed between 0-38°C.

Rocking Tray. 12 x 12 in. (300 x 300mm) holds large containers.

Easily Cleaned or Decontaminated.

Optional 3-D Orbital Shaker Attachment