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Microplate Genie - Microplate Mixer

Available in two models - Analog for optimized high speed mixing and digital pulse for precise control of speed and time, plus pulsing feature

Heat will not be transferred to your microplates. The fan (located in the bottom of the unit) directs air downward and out of the unit. As a result, room air is constantly drawn into the unit underneath the tray that holds the microplates, insuring that samples will not be heated.

Aggressive vortexing with complete and uniform mixing even in 384 well plates.

Small vortexing orbit of 1.0mm for thorough mixing regardless of sample viscosity.

Digital model is fully programmable for speed and time.

Digital model incorporates"ON" and "REST" function.

Digital model is ideal for heat sensitive samples.

Accepts most standard microplates, even PCR plates with available kit.

Both models incorporate timer - analog or digital.

May be used in cold rooms or incubators.