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Accelerated Oxygen Conditioning for Tissue/Cell Culture Media

HypoxyCOOL™ (patent pending) is a protocol-driven and tested solution that helps improve research results by eliminating media conditioning errors. HypoxyCOOL quickly and precisely reduces media oxygen concentration to target values while maintaining media sterility, temperature and pH. When used in conjunction with a hypoxia workstation (like SCI-tive or Invivo2),

HypoxyCOOL is part of a complete oxygen-regulated, closed-culture system.

HypoxyCOOL helps you to:

  • Improve research results – Avoid abnormal cell interactions and increase cell viability by simulating in vivo-like oxygen conditions directly in the growth media.
  • Enhance experimental control – Protocol-driven, tested solution helps eliminate media conditioning errors and preserves media integrity.
  • Increase productivity – Fast and efficient conditioning process reduces oxygen concentration to 2% within three hours. Conditioned oxygen level stays low for up to 21 days, when refrigerated.