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Sample Digestion

Acid digestion is a method of dissolving sample into solution, by adding acids and heating, until the complete decomposition of the matrix.
Anywhere that you need to decompose a sample for release of the analyte, or for analysis of trace metals, acid digestion is much recommended. 
It is the ideal companion for ICP, ICP-MS, AA, or AFS instrument.

Typical samples/applications include: Geology (glass, metallurgy (ceramic, stainless steel), environment (waste, soil, ashes…), food, pharmaceutics, cosmetics, biochemistry, and biology (blood, urine…).

QBlock series provides wide selection to choose appropriate hot block to increase efficiency of digestion and through put. Teflon coated graphite block and enclosure provides ability to produce contamination free results.

Vulcan is the first automated workstation combining the two essential steps of sample preparation -Digestion and Work-up. It is the only true automation accepting samples and returns prepared autosampler racks ready to be analyse.

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