• Single use & filtration technology


To answer to the growing needs of its industrial customers (Food & Beverages, Chemical, Biopharmaceutical, Pharmaceutical, Medical Instrumentation...) in term of single-use / disposable solutions and purification , Francelab is offering a wide range of tubings, hoses, quick and safe connectors and disconnectors, carboys, bags,...and biochromatography systems.

Pure-Fit® TC Tubing Clamp

Pure-Fit® TC tube clamps represent a new generation of clamping technology for the pharmaceutical industry. They feature an outer body with no sharp edges, eliminating the potential for snags, scratches or punctures; a press-down locking system that is fully encapsulated to guard against untimely or unwanted release; a side release mechanism that facilitates secure, single-handed installation and operation; and an integral bore hole for absolute lock-out capabilities. Pure-Fit® TC's innovative design allows for complete flow stoppage, and the clamp can be installed over the tube in the normal fashion or put together after the tube is already part of a completed assembly. 

• Provides complete fluid stoppage 
• Smooth edges and corners help prevent punctures and ruptures 
• Can be installed on or over tubing or finished assemblies 
• High degree of leverage accommodates tubing with different durometers 
• Single-hand installation capability for ease of operation 
• Unique top locking mechanism and side release prevent unwanted openings 
• Available in PVDF or polypropylene 
• Fully autoclavable and sterilizable 
• Custom colors and identification available 

Typical Applications: 
• Biopharmaceutical manufacturing 
• Pharmaceutical processes 
• Peristaltic pump sets 
• Drug delivery and discovery 
• Medical systems 
• Laboratory functions 
• Assemblies and tubing sets