• Single use & filtration technology


To answer to the growing needs of its industrial customers (Food & Beverages, Chemical, Biopharmaceutical, Pharmaceutical, Medical Instrumentation...) in term of single-use / disposable solutions and purification , Francelab is offering a wide range of tubings, hoses, quick and safe connectors and disconnectors, carboys, bags,...and biochromatography systems.

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C’EAL-Flex® TPE Ultra Sealer

The world’s smallest and most effective tubing sealer, the C’eal-Flex® TPE Ultra Sealer can be used to seal C-Flex® and other thermoplastic elastomers – as well as other materials including TPV, TPU and PVC – in under two minutes. It’s compact, portable and extremely easy to use. The system comprises a base generator/control unit and either a thin wall (.062") remote sealing head for tubing with OD between .125" and .375", or a thick wall (.125") remote sealing head for tubing with OD between .375" and .750". Now you can bring the sealing head to the fill line rather than struggling to get the fill line to the sealer. 

• One-button operation 
• Computer-controlled, adjustable sealing temperature and dwell times 
• Small (7" x 8" x 4") and lightweight (6.5 lbs.) 
• Operates on regular 110-volt current and filtered air 
• Remote sealing heads can operate up to 10 feet from the control unit