• Single use & filtration technology


To answer to the growing needs of its industrial customers (Food & Beverages, Chemical, Biopharmaceutical, Pharmaceutical, Medical Instrumentation...) in term of single-use / disposable solutions and purification , Francelab is offering a wide range of tubings, hoses, quick and safe connectors and disconnectors, carboys, bags,...and biochromatography systems.

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Coupling - Special Products

The TenTube™ coupling provides one easy-to-use quick disconnect for up to ten separate fluid lines. The Tentube is available with valves on the body side in panel mount or in-line configurations for maximum design flexibility.

The Sixtube™ coupling provides one easy-to-use quick disconnect for up to six separate fluid lines. The Sixtube is available with valves on either side for maximum design flexibility. Featuring the Colder thumb latch, the Sixtube can disconnect up to six lines with the push of a button.

The 3/32" flow Twin Tube™ coupling disconnects two separate fluid lines. The non-valved Twin Tube maintains two individual flow paths in one coupling and features the Colder thumb latch.The panel mount design keeps a low profile on the front of an equipment panel.