• Single use & filtration technology


To answer to the growing needs of its industrial customers (Food & Beverages, Chemical, Biopharmaceutical, Pharmaceutical, Medical Instrumentation...) in term of single-use / disposable solutions and purification , Francelab is offering a wide range of tubings, hoses, quick and safe connectors and disconnectors, carboys, bags,...and biochromatography systems.


BarbLock® ultra-secure retainers are the most advanced design available in today’s demanding connective applications.

PharmaFluor® PFA fittings are designed for handling corrosive or ultra-pure fluids in applications where contamination is a concern. Constructed of 100% virgin PFA, PharmaFluor® fittings combine high purity with the robust performance of compression-style fittings. 

Pure-Fit® SC is connective technology that makes it possible to create true sterile connections anywhere – even outside the clean room environment.

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics' line of Sani-Tech® high purity non-metallic piping and components now includes sweep elbows. Sani-Pro® short radius SIB® sweep 90° elbows save space without sacrificing flow.

Sani-Tech® TA Tubing Assemblies offer a comprehensive array of sizes and lengths to suit a variety of connectivity needs.

Pure-Fit® SIB® is a smooth inner bore (SIB) hose-barb connector that provides a seamless transition between tubing and fittings throughout the fluid path. Pure-Fit SIB eliminates entrapment and leak points that can occur with traditional assembly systems.